Monday, December 6, 2010

We love and miss you Hope

Last Sunday we celebrated Hope's short life with family and friends.  The memorial service was a special time for us as we introduced our baby daughter to our friends.  Addison was able to read Proverbs 3: 5-6 which has meant a lot to me during this pregnancy.  And she shared a letter she wrote to Hope.  The boys also wrote letters to their baby sister that we read at the service.  I got to read a special letter I wrote to Hope and was able to thank so many people for their support.  Pastor David had a wonderful message about faith and hope and about our Faith and Hope.  We also heard some words from my dad, Ron, and my mom.  My sister and my dad both shared scripture verses that were meaningful to us.  We sang some hymns, watched Hope's slideshow and played a special song for Hope - "I Will Carry You" by Selah.  We ended by playing "Amazing Love" - the song we call "Faith's song" because we played it at her memorial.  I was so anxious about the service all day...felt like this was the end and after the service I would have to get on with life.  But after the service I felt such a calmness and peacefulness.  I know that it is not over and it will take quite a while to move on.  And I will be forever changed by this experience.  Our family has been so blessed by the support we have received from people...meals, gifts for the kids, childcare, words of encouragement sent by mail, comments on this blog and on facebook.  As we said at the service, thank you to everyone for showing us Jesus' love. Brian ended the service with some sweet words to his baby girl and then everyone prayed over our family...and boy, do we need those prayers.  We continue to miss Hope very much and my heart aches to hold her once again.  We love you baby Hope. 

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